• Core Test Engineering
    Sold By: Ardentec

    Core Test Engineering

    Sold By: Ardentec

    Ardentec’s core test engineering capability is on wafer probing. Solid test engineering knowledge allows our team to provide yield analysis and enhancement suggestions to customers in logic, mixed-signal, analog, RF, memory, and LCD driven IC devices.

  • Empyrean AetherTM (Schematic and Layout Design Platform)

    Empyrean AetherTM (Schematic and Layout Design Platform)

    Empyrean Aether delivers a complete, integrated solution for custom IC designs using OpenAccess™ as the native database. This platform has several built-in modules such as design manager (Aether-DM), technology manager (Aether-TM), schematic editor (Aether-SE), layout editor (Aether-LE), schematic-driven layout (Aether-SDL), mixed-signal simulation environment (Aether-MDE), etc.

  • Empyrean-XTopTM


    Empyrean-XTop is a genuine placement- and routing-aware, multi-corner, multi-mode timing ECO solution with minimal impact to power and area in nanometer-scale IC designs.

    Timing closure is a major problem with today’s SOC designs impacting time to market, revenue, and cost of design. It gets worse with each new process node. Empyrean-XTop helps design teams to achieve faster timing /ECO closure and complements existing place and route and sign-off static timing analysis STA (Static Timing Analysis) tools in a user’s flow.

    Empyrean-XTop has been used in production for over a decade. It provides much faster timing closure convergence than conventional timing ECO flows.

  • MCU/SOC Customization Design
  • Pallet Rack

    Heavy Duty Shelving Pallet Rack for Warehouse Storage

  • Testing Services
    Sold By: Ardentec

    Testing Services

    Sold By: Ardentec

    Ardentec is a professional testing company providing semiconductor wafer and IC test related services.